Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I've been quite busy these days. I've been working on the budget of my department. Perhaps tommorrow I'll have to present that to my immediate boss and his boss (the CFO). My boss is insisting on putting in all kinds of capital expenditure to implement the project in my company through automation. While this is a very proactive measure, I'm not quite sure of the outcome of this budget meeting. I'm SURE the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is not going to sanction this budget. He does not have the powers to do so. Neither is the COO (Chief Operationg Officer) going to sanction this as he has other priorities.

So I am wondering if it may be a better idea to just create a realistic budget and get it wholly approved instead of presenting something for the 'heck' of it and have it shot down totally. I've tried discussing this with my boss, but he seems to be so kicked with this idea that he is not willing to listen. My fears are that in the hopes of getting 100% approval (which is not going to happen anyways) we might get nothing at all. Anyways I'll try to state this to my boss again tommorrow as I feel he is pushing it too far. But finally it is going to be his call. But I am already feeling embarrassed to do something I'm not convinced about - create and present the budget with expenditures that I know are not going to be sanctioned by the management. I'm not comfortable with this. I'm not confident presenting something for which I know the answer is going to be NO.

The following week, some americans from our parent company are visiting us for some discussions. The CFO has asked me to make a presentation to them about what we are doing in India. I've got to work on that. What a coincidence that today I got to attend a training programme on 'Presentation Skills'. The CFO had nominated me and two other girls from the department for it. The other two girls dropped out saying they had work to do. I went! I love training programs. And I generally learn something from it. I enjoyed it. I told them the garbage and mud lamp story in my presentation (topic of your choice) and the concept was well appreciated. I got some tips too on improvements - to be more structured and less dramatic (lol) and be focussed in the topic.


Blogger e.e. said...

oh! oh! I can help you with your presentation if you want!
I'm really good at that stuff!

8:50 PM  
Blogger WDKY said...

I think that maybe you should prepare a realsitic budget too, so that when the CFO say's "Anu, it would be helpful if I could now see the budget with these costs stripped out" you can amaze him with your ability to stay two steps ahead!

I went on a presentation skills course a few years ago. All I remember is that my forehead looked big in the video :-)

1:04 AM  
Blogger anu said...

Thank you so much dear e.e :) The trip has been deferred but I'll be preparing the presentation during the next month and I shall send what I do to you. :)

That is a great idea wdky. have such a wonderful sense of humor. I am laughing here imagining yourself watching your forehead and wondering, "Why is it so big!" You are so cute, I LOVEEEEEEE you.

11:38 PM  
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